Table 1. Steps of Coding and Theorization and progression from raw focus group interview data to themes
Step Description Examples
Step 0 Raw interview data “[…] In teaching residents, even though we took one course on medical interview techniques, I didn’t have the words to describe things. When I finally understood what family medicine was all about, I suddenly became aware that there is a framework to conceptualize and verbalize everything, and it came as a real surprise.”
Step 1 Noteworthy words or phrases from the text medical interview, the words to describe things, aware, family medicine, conceptualize and verbalize
Step 2 Paraphrasing of the words and phrases in Step 1 Awareness of the conceptualization and verbalization of family medicine
Step 3 Concepts drawn from the text in Step 2 Experiences of difficulty with learning, the core competency of family medicine, problems with undergraduate and postgraduate medical education and continuing professional development
Step 4 Themes and constructs, with consideration of the context The gap between practice and training
Int J Med Educ. 2019; 10:232-240; doi: 10.5116/ijme.5de7.99c7