Table 1. Pre- and post-results of the communication and teamwork subscale of the UWE-IP questionnaire
Communication and teamwork Pre (N=33) Mean (SD) Post (N=30) Mean (SD)
I feel comfortable justifying recommendations/advice face to face with more senior people 2.36 (0.74) 2.80 (0.76)
I feel comfortable explaining an issue to people who are unfamiliar with the topic 3.33 (0.59) 3.30 (0.60)
I have difficulty in adapting my communication style (oral and written) to particular situations and audiences (R) 3.21* (0.54) 3.13* (0.73)
I prefer to stay quiet when other people in a group express opinion that I don't agree with (R) 3.03* (0.64) 3.03* (0.56)
I feel comfortable working in a group 3.36 (0.49) 3.30 (0.60)
I feel uncomfortable putting forward my personal opinions in a group (R) 3.12* (0.60) 3.30* (0.53)
I feel uncomfortable taking the lead in a group (R) 2.24* (0.80) 2.50* (0.73)
I am able to become quickly involved in new teams and groups 3.09 (0.58) 3.10 (0.48)
I am comfortable expressing my own opinions in a group, even when I know that other people don't agree with them 2.82 (0.73) 2.83 (0.60)
Total 26.58 27.30

Note: *values were recoded; R: item is reversed

Int J Med Educ. 2020; 11:214-221; doi: 10.5116/ijme.5f5b.24e3