Table 2. Inclusion and exclusion criteria
Inclusion criteria Exclusion criteria
(P) Populations: Any study focusing on IMGs and the related stakeholders, including employers, and academics and community, system-level, and immigrant-serving organizations relevant to alternative career pathways suitable for IMGs   (I) Interventions: Any approach, proposition, or assertion that facilitates or impedes the integration of IMGs through ACPs   (C) Comparison: Studies compared, evaluated, assessed, or planned any alternative career choices for IMGs  (O) Outcomes: Outcomes included but not limited to improved understanding of ACPs for IMGs or with the potential to influence the integration of IMGs into ACPs were included  (S) Study design: Eligible study designs included but not limited to qualitative and quantitative studies, reviews, organizational reports, commentaries, letter to editors, and case studies   No time restriction was given   Studies published in English Related to the professional integration of IMGs as physicians   Discussed issues once IMGs in a residency program   Studies discussed alternative careers for other health professionals (nurses, pharmacists, etc.) other than IMGs   Studies not published in English

Note: ACP = alternative career pathway; IMG = international medical graduate.

Int J Med Educ. 2021; 12:45-63; doi: 10.5116/ijme.606a.e83d