Table 4. Barriers to EBM curriculum implementation
Barriers to teach  
  -             Learners not completing pre-reading48
  -             Lack of dedicated teaching time13,44,46,60
  -             Learner fatigue with repetition52
  -             Varying resident abilities/knowledge40
  -             Difficult to recruit teachers32,46,53,60
  -             Lack of consensus on teaching strategies/curriculum topics13
Barriers to learning
  -             Learner fatigue with repetition52
Barriers to practice
  -             Time restraints10,27,48,50
  -             Lack of knowledge10,48
  -             Lack of access to resources48,50
  -             Subjects not taught frequently enough38
  -             Poor search skills and database knowledge13,42,5
Int J Med Educ. 2021; 12:101-124; doi: 10.5116/ijme.6097.ccc0