Table 2D. Results of a thematic analysis - Suggestion for PBL
Code Subtheme Theme
Proper Tutoring Better tutoring Quality of tutors
Effective feedback to tutors
Consistent tutors' facilitation
Expert tutors' tutoring
Well-planned tutor allocation
Training of trainer
More case scenarios Better scenarios Quality of case-scenarios
Scenarios with untypical symptoms
Upgrading scenarios
Providing more laboratory data
Well-planned time scheduling Rearrangement of PBL tutorials Innovation of learning strategy
Proper assigning learning topics to members
Proper and accurate assessments
Better understanding of study objectives
Introduction of simulated patients to PBL tutorials New learning methods
Case simulation in more active ways
Teaching aids such as e-learning
Int J Med Educ. 2022; 13:322-334; doi: 10.5116/ijme.6399.dee1