Table 2. Wider Positive Impacts of Virtual Global Health Education Activities
Positive Impact of Virtual Global Health Education Activities Relevant Articles
Wider reach than in-person activities Bridged geographic distance to bring education to those who may not otherwise have had access Hou 49
Facilitated a wider applicability of course content to other specialties or disciplines Carrasco 64, Hou 49
Improved understanding of importance and applicability of the virtual activity past the end of the COVID-19 pandemic Bowen 58
Facilitated a wider than anticipated reach of the VGHEA (such as with bigger trainee audiences, or better access to diverse faculty) Hou 49
Convenient, lower-cost, and more eco-friendly options for global health activities versus travel Bowen 58, Gros 53, Samuels 61
Real World Impact Increased clinical activities or capacities because of the activity Sue 78
Contributed to positive real-life impact on participants who took the course (such as improved skills or knowledge or concrete preparation for in-person activities) Addo-Atuah 66, Carrasco 64, Chastonay 68
Informed or directly contributed to expansion of VGHEA activity or content to other courses, global health activities, resources, or institutional departments Addo-Atuah 66, Atkins 56, Bolon 46, Carrasco 64, Chastonay 68, Gros 53
Led to career advancement or enrichment, both for faculty and trainees Addo Atuah 66, Amerson 67, Bolon 46, Chastonay 68
Improved existing GH partnerships and activities Improved relationships between participating faculty, institutions, or global health partners Chastonay 68, Kiwanuka 59
Led to spin-off projects, new partnership activities, or larger initiatives that had a positive impact on health Bensmen 57, Chastonay 68, Ezeonwo 63, Kiwanuka 59, Martini 74
Supplemented in-person activities positively and effectively Ambrose 21, Bensman 57, Gruner 70, Samuels 61
Identified gaps in GH practices Highlighted the need for regular or improved evaluation of an activity, particularly in terms of longer-term impacts Atkins 56, Jacquet 70
Highlighted the need to include an indigenous perspective in the activity Stallwood 70

VGHEA = virtual global health education activity

Int J Med Educ. 2022; 13:230-248; doi: 10.5116/ijme.62eb.94fa