Table 1. Newly developed rubric to measure feedback quality
Subitem Insufficient Sufficient Good Excellent
Points Explanation Points Explanation Points Explanation Points Explanation
Usability 0 Feedback does not contain any of the required elements* 2 Feedback contains 1 element 4 Feedback contains 2 elements 6 Feedback contains all 3 elements
Context 0 Feedback is not clear and does not contain examples 2 Feedback is clear, but does not contain examples or has not been placed into context 4 Feedback is clear and examples are present, and/or context is clear
Structure 0 Structure is absent* 1 Feedback elements are present, but not in the correct order* 2 Correct structure*
Applicability 0 Feedback is not applicable 1 Feedback is partially applicable 2 Feedback is applicable next study year
Answer to the question 0 Feedback does not answer the feedback question 1 Feedback partly answers the feedback question 2 Feedback fully answers the feedback question
Language 0 Feedback answer is offensive towards the program 1 Feedback answer is neutral 2 Feedback is written as an “I-message”
Spelling and grammar 0 ≥ 3 spelling and grammar mistakes 1 1-3 mistakes and grammar errors, or use of half sentences 2 No mistakes in spelling and grammar

Each feedback answer is scored on all seven subitems. The maximum number of points per feedback answer is 20. Items “usability” and “context” had a maximum score of 6 respectively 4 points, while other items had a maximum score of 2 points. *Feedback elements were: opinion, argumentation and a suggestion for improvement. This was also the correct order to receive 2 points for structure.

Int J Med Educ. 2023; 14:147-154; doi: 10.5116/ijme.64f6.df43