Table 2. Examples of high- and poor-quality feedback (translated from Dutch to English) with their rubric subitem and total scores
Quality Feedback Subitem/total Points
High quality feedback “We would appreciate an answer model that explains why certain answers are correct or wrong. We can currently only see which answer is correct and we think that it is way more informative to receive an explanation with a reference to the study material. This will help us better understand our mistakes.” Usability 6
Context 4
Structure 1
Applicability 1
Answer to the question 2
Language 2
Spelling and grammar 2
    Total 18
Poor quality feedback “Give better and more in-depth lectures!!!” Usability 2
Context 0
Structure 0
Applicability 0
Answer to the question 1
Language 0
Spelling and grammar 1
    Total 4
Int J Med Educ. 2023; 14:147-154; doi: 10.5116/ijme.64f6.df43