Table 2. Benefits and challenges of teaching in a virtual environment mapped to the SDT framework
SDT Framework – Basic psychological needs Benefits (Facilitators) Challenges (Barriers)
Autonomy •     Choice of virtual technology •     Lack of control over teaching environment
•     Increased accessibility
•     Safety during pandemic •     Lack of control over factors affecting learner engagement
•     Save time and money
Competence •     Increased self-confidence •     Technological limitations hindering teaching and skill development
•     Discreet observation of teaching
Relatedness •     Timely exchange of information •     Limited personal connections and opportunities to socialize
•     Ease of sharing resources •     Difficulty with professional identify formation
•     Giving back to the profession
Int J Med Educ. 2023; 14:77-83; doi: 10.5116/ijme.6488.2625