Table 2. Themes emerging from analysis of qualitative data from phase one
Heading – main theme Subthemes (examples)
Specific content – proposed additions Clear definition of sustainability
Social and economic dimensions of sustainability
Population growth/ control
Sustainable/ ethical procurement
Sustainable healthcare research
Health service resilience
Waste management
Conflicting priorities, e.g. infection control by introducing single use equipment versus preserving and reusing resources
Relevance and scope for application to medical curricula to medical education Relevance to health and healthcare not always explicit
Undergraduate versus postgraduate
Core versus optional
Stand-alone versus integrated
Feasibility of implementation Too many learning objectives, too wide-ranging
Too prescriptive (rather than encouraging critical thinking)
Too much theory, need to be more relevant to practice
Need to link to existing curriculum topics
Need for training and CPD for educators
Format and presentation Objectives and format should align more closely with the GMC’s ‘Tomorrow’s Doctors’
Avoid jargon
Need for multiple documents, some simpler
Int J Med Educ. 2015; 6:191-200; doi: 10.5116/ijme.5643.62cd