Table 1. Correlations of physical activity/sport involvement with achievement goals and academic burnout (n=267)
Variables/Items Spearman correlation coefficient
Performance Approach (PAP) -0.15*
I prefer to work on tasks where I can show my competence to others -0.14*
I enjoy when others in my program are aware of how well I am doing -0.20*
I like to show that I can perform better than others in my program -0.11
I try to figure out what it takes to prove my ability to others in my program -0.07
Mastery Approach (MAP) 0.10
When given a choice, I am willing to select challenging assignments from which I can learn a lot 0.06
I am willing to step out of my comfort zone if it will help develop my competence 0.05
I often look for opportunities to develop new skills and knowledge 0.09
I enjoy difficult tasks in my program where I will learn new skills 0.11
Performance Avoidance (PAV) -0.21*
I prefer to avoid situations in my program where I might perform poorly -0.11
I am concerned about taking on a task if my performance would reveal that I had low ability -0.24*
Avoiding a show of low ability is more important to me than learning a new skill -0.17*
I would avoid taking on a new task if there was a chance that I would appear incompetent to others -0.12
Mastery Avoidance (MAV) -0.24*
I just hope I am able to master enough skills so I am competent in my work -0.03
In my program, I focus on not doing worse than I have done in the past -0.30*
In my program, I often feel that I am unable to master what is necessary to do my work -0.11
I avoid taking on new tasks when I am not sure I will be able to master them -0.16*
Academic Burnout -0.15*
I can tolerate the pressure of my classes very well (RC)  0.20*
When I engage in school work, I usually feel energized (RC)  0.10
When I am studying or doing school work, I often feel emotionally drained -0.13
Usually I can manage the amount of my school work well (RC)   0.15*
After class/school work, I usually feel worn and weary -0.04
After my class/school work, I have enough energy for my leisure activities (RC)   0.14*
There are days when I feel tired before arriving at school   0.01
After classes, I tend to need more time than in the past to relax and feel better -0.04

*Significant correlations, p<0.05. Physical activity/sport involvement levels: 1–none; 2–recreational non-competitive; 3–competed in intramurals/a recreational league; 4–competed against athletes from my city/town/nearby communities; 5–competed against athletes from my or another province/state/territory; 6– competed against athletes from a country other than my own or as a member of a national team. Achievement goals (PAP, MAP, PAV, MAV) items: 1 – not at all true of me; 7–yes, very true of me. Academic burnout items: 1–strongly disagree; 4–strongly agree. RC: indicates reverse-coded items.

Int J Med Educ. 2017; 8:336-342; doi: 10.5116/ijme.59b7.8023