Table 1. Template development from items to subjects
Items Themes Interpretation
Feeling of importance Motivation to start Motivation
Defining the kind of e-learning
Adding levels of learning
Formulating learning objectives
Visualizing learning goals
Lack of anytime, anywhere availability Barriers to starting
Not convinced of the quality
No added value
Forced to start
Not taken seriously
Offering support Learning enhancers Learning
Horizontal communication
Vertical communication
Problem-based learning
Repeating in different formats
Providing feedback
Using learning activities
Activating and stimulating
Offer knowledge overview
Too long Learning discouragers
Too distracting
Lacking user-friendliness
No navigation overview
Stressing learners
Content not adapted
Translating to the real world Real-world translators Applying
Using real-world examples
Updating and maintaining
Knowing your target audience
Creating a development team Preparation
Planning a feasible budget
Int J Med Educ. 2017; 8:153-162; doi: 10.5116/ijme.58ce.60aa