Table 1. Overview of factors mentioned by interviewees
Theme Sub-theme
Student characteristics Geography
Parental profession
Needs to be satisfied Personal needs
·        career counselling
·        career options
·        lifestyle
·        location/type of practice
·        opinion of others
·        parental preferences
·        status
·        working hours
·        work-life balance
Societal needs
·        altruism
Content interest needs
·        characteristics of team and colleagues
·        intellectual satisfaction
·        interesting nature of work  
·        patient characteristics
Perception of speciality characteristics Experience with the specialty  
·       experience before study
·       experience in courses & rotations
·       extracurricular experience
·       experience with role model or mentor
·     personal experience
Information about the specialty
·       representation in the media
·        student-initiated information collection
Market dynamics of the specialty
·        chances to obtain a residency position
Int J Med Educ. 2018; 9:332-339; doi: 10.5116/ijme.5c14.de75