International Journal of
Medical Education

An international, peer reviewed, open-access journal aimed at promoting the nature and scope of the knowledge that is directly relevant to all domains of medical education and practice.

Participating in university entrance exam despite repeated failure: a qualitative study of participants’ experiences

Int J Med Educ. 2016; 7:345-353; doi: 10.5116/ijme.57eb.cc09 | Published 22/10/2016

The development of a novel medical education elective for fourth-year medical students

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Development, improvement and funding of the emergency medicine cases open-access podcast

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Factors associated with students’ perceptions of role modelling

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The relationship between study strategies and academic performance

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Training in management of arrhythmias for medical residents: a case-based learning strategy

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How to implement medical evidence into practice in developing countries

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Clinical audit project in undergraduate medical education curriculum: an assessment validation study

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Old habits die hard: a case study on how new ways of teaching colonoscopy affect the habitus of experienced clinicians

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Beyond the learning curve: length of global health electives

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